What Color Are You? – Personality Assessment

“We all need to get along – let’s be friends”
Occupations – Teachers, Nurses, Counselors
Givers – Donates their time for the benefit of others!
Likes to be a part of a TEAM!
HELPER! Let’s put on the west wing of the hospital!
Often times feels Guilty
Don’t show this group a CHECK!
Voice: Soft and Gentle
Dress: Casual and Comfortable
Strengths: Dependable, Team Player, Patient, Supportive and Nurturing
Weaknesses: Over-Sensitive, Followers, Not Goal Oriented
Key Words: Team, Together, Relationship, Family
Dislikes: Pushy people, Bullies, Conflict

Occupations – Accountants, Engineer, Research
Always need ‘More Information’
Always Asking Questions!
Don’t round #’s: Be Specific!!
Voice: Soft and Polite
Dress: Formal and Conservative
Strengths: Organized, Planners, Accurate, Persistent Follow Through
Weaknesses: Over-Analytical, Hard to please, Depressed, Lonely
Key Words: Why, Graphs, Charts, Research, Exactly
Dislikes: Pushy people, No Facts, Being Late, Lazy People

“FUN, FUN, FUN!!!”
Occupations – Sales, Entertainment, Public Speakers
Tend to be BIG THINKERS!
Loves to tell stories to get point across!
Will INITIATE the team AND be the LEADER of the team!
Often talks with their hands!
No Regrets!
Voice: Loud and Fast
Dress: Stylish, Flamboyant, Colorful
Strengths: Promoters, Convincing, Enthusiastic, High Energy
Weaknesses: Talk to much, Poor follow-up, Unorganized, Exaggerate
Key Words: FUN, Excitement, Freedom, Life Style
Dislikes: Not Having Fun, Facts and Figures, Bored

Occupations – Attorney’s, Airline Pilot’s, CEO’s, Politicians
‘Bull in a China Shop’
Their way or the Highway!
Make a decision!
Do it and live with it!!
In Command
Voice: Forceful with Volume
Dress: Dress for Success
Strengths: Focused, Goal Oriented, Intense
Weaknesses: Ego, Short Tempered, Dominating, Impatient, Un-teachable
Key Words: MONEY, Power, Control, To the Point
Dislikes: Indecision, Chit-Chat, Losing Control

Shaklee Team Health & Wealth Marty Turner


www.lookandlisten123.com – Username & Password = shaklee


7 pm – Compensation Training – Basics

30 Days to Success and Q & A Session

Presenter: Marty Turner – Key Coordinator

212-990-8000 – Pin 0066 #

8:00 EST, 7:00 CST, 6:00 MST, 5:00 PST

Call in 3 to 4 minutes early to check in and say hello – Thanks!

This call is primarily for existing Shaklee distributors

8 pm – Opportunity & Training:

3-Way a Guest – We’ll do the rest.

Key Coordinators : Marty & Sheryl Turner

Training Topic: Can we talk? Contacting

212-990-8000 – Pin 9000 #

9:00 EST, 8:00 CST, 7:00 MST, 6:00 PST

Call in 3 to 4 minutes early to check in and say hello – Thanks!

This call is for everyone – especially guests looking at Shaklee for the 1st time

Cinch Inch Loss Call Script

Initial Call Script (version 1.0)
“Hi, is ___ around? Hi _____, this is (first name) from Shaklee….you just placed an order online from us? Say, I am just one of the guys in charge of calling and saying THANK YOU! (Let them talk) Say, do you have a quick second to chat?” (If ‘yes’, ask a question or two that gets them talking and starts to develop rapport) “How are you today, Is the winter pretty bad there, did you know

Ken Kilborn gave up a career as an astronaut to become an Operations Engineer, etc.” J (If they are unable to talk or if they say they would rather not be contacted then offer your personal cell phone and ask if it’s OK to contact them and teach them a bit about Shaklee and Cinch via email)
(Use their first name as many times as possible, but always make sure it’s natural, of course)

“(First name), we do really appreciate the order and want to make sure you like our Cinch products….once you learn about the entire plan I think you’ll be very excited about it! There are a

LOT of resources that Shaklee has put together with Cinch. The best one is CinchClub.com. It’s an online resource and community center which gives meal plans, FAQ’s, Message boards, a Nutrition and Weight Management Course, etc. It’s all free and included with your Cinch purchase. I will send you a “Welcome Email” and the web address will be in there, but if you have a pen handy its www.cinchclub.com. Have you seen this website at all?” (Let them talk if they are willing to) “Say, had you heard of Shaklee in the past, or is this the first time?” (Let them talk if they are willing to) “You know, this Cinch program was over 2 years in development and has been available for less than 6 months….people are having incredible results and lots of organizations are noticing. In fact, the December issue of First for Women Magazine has a great 4 page article on it…I’ll get that to you via email.” (Craig, maybe we can put the article up on the web somewhere and link people to it? I’m attaching it, let me know what you guys think)
“(Name), I also wanted to make sure that I gave you MY information. If you ever have any questions or concerns you can talk with Shaklee, but you can also talk directly with me. If you have that pen and paper let me give you my personal cell phone number. Again my name is (first and last name) and my cell phone number is (_________).”

(Let them talk if they are willing to)
(At this point, if they are opening up and willing to take the time and talk, you can continue the conversation…if not close with this)

“(Name), would it be OK if I kept you informed about Cinch and Shaklee overall through email? You should get the welcome email I mentioned later today, but I could put you on our list that sends out 1 or 2 emails per week with a

LOT of info on Cinch, but also who Shaklee is and the products we carry! Would that be OK?”
“(Name), thanks again for the order! I know you’ll be excited about the program and I look forward to staying in touch…have a great day!”

Shaklee World Headquarters Training Event Pleasanton, CA

Everybody Take a few minutes and think…

Who do you know in northern California???

Who do you know that might know some people

out there??? Shawn & Pat are gonna ROCK

this KICK OFF EVENT Next Tuesday !!!

Let’s ALL get a Guest to this thing and Kick off the FALL TOUR in STYLE!!!!

Here’s the skinny:


Shaklee World Headquarters

(click for map)


Opportunity Prez by: SHAWN GRAY

Vision by: PAT HINTZE

And appearances by SHAKLEE CORPORATE EXEC’s such as:

Dr Jamie McManus !!!!

maybe even Super-Vice Prez: Cindy Latham…?!?!?

And possibly even: OWNER & CEO Roger Barnett!!!!!

(who knows! The meeting is just downstairs from his office!!!)

russ widger jr


Shaklee Opportunity Toll Free Success Line

Here’s a great new tool to support you as you introduce new people to the power of the Shaklee Opportunity. And it’s FREE. Dial 1-866-490-4311 to access the following great 3-minute Shaklee Success Stories:

  • Roger Barnett – Shaklee Chairman & CEO explains why he and his family believe Shaklee is the Crown Jewel of the Network Marketing industry.
  • Sherrie Attila – stay at home mom shares how she created her own future through Shaklee
  • Rick Seymour – former aerospace engineer shares why making a career transition to Shaklee offered financial independence and self-empowerment
  • Kathi Minsky – successful real estate professional transitioned from a high-stress career to the flexible lifestyle of Shaklee, with residual income
  • Steve Chaney, Ph.D. – biomedical researcher/medical school professor explains the quality and integrity of Shaklee products
  • Teresia Radtke – environmental educator on living your values through Shaklee
  • Shawn Gray – commercial airline pilot and former franchise business owner on the benefits of the Shaklee business
  • Coletta Haskins – nurse whose passion for Shaklee gives her freedom and the time to spend with her family
  • Steven Toovell – teacher who found that his desire to help others was a natural fit with Shaklee

Shaklee Opportunity Presentation & Training by Shawn Gray






Million Dollar Entreprenuer,

Shawn Gray, will be in Dickinson on September 6th 2006 to share how you can make a significant income with Shaklee. Hear how you can benefit be getting healthier & wealthier. Shawn has traveled all over North American teaching people about the “Trillion Dollar Industry” and how you can position yourself in this massive upward trend business.

Learn about “Cinch”, learn about “Get Clean”, learn how to INCREASE YOUR INCOME!!!!

Shaklee, the 50 -year-old Health & Wellness company that pioneered the industry and has paid out over $3 Billion in commissions to people just like you!!

Wednesday, September 6th 2006 @ 7pm

American State Bank

Dickinson, ND
Questions contact Tara Gregg tpettys@hotmail.com

Shaklee Business Boot Camp

Shaklee Business Building Boot Camp!

With Special Guests:

Shawn Gray

Gary Burke

Shawn and his wife Carmen have extensive experience building a Network Marketing Business. Shawn will share many of his insights and skills in sales, marketing, training and coaching.

Gary Burke, Master Coordinator, is a 35 year veteran with Shaklee and is arguably the most sought after trainer and mentor in Shaklee

Saturday, February 10th, 2007; 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

CROWNE Plaza Hotel

(Northeast Corner of I-17 & Peoria Ave)

2532 W Peoria Ave; Phoenix , AZ 85029

Morning Session 10:00 – 12:00

Business Overview – Shawn Gray

Why Shaklee? Shawn Gray

Shaklee Difference – Kirsten Wesley

Lunch – On Your Own (12:00-1:00)

Afternoon Session 1:00 – 4:00

Building a Successful Business – Gary Burke

The Critical Next 5 Years – Shawn Gray

This Event is FREE to Everyone

Optional dinner afterward at nearby restaurant

Shaklee Phone Script

Hello ~I would like to introduce myself and give you a big WELCOME TO SHAKLEE! My wife, Carmen, and I are in charge of saying HELLO helping make sure you have a great experience with Shaklee products! Just so you know who we are, attached is a picture of us with our son, London. We work our Shaklee business for a living together from our home office and have for over 2 years. We live in North Dakota, but do business with Shaklee all over the US, Canada and now starting intoTaiwan. We’re here to support you as much or as little as you would like. We definitely don’t want to bother or overwhelm you, but we do want to let you know that Shaklee is a very special company. Many call it the “Shaklee family” because everyone has a personal Distributor to help answer your questions, keep you informed, and educate you about who Shaklee is and why our products are unique. Or maybe it is to simply just BE AVAILABLE in case you need anything!

Shawn Gray Shaklee

First of all, how has your experience been with Cinch?! We really hope you like the product. Not only does it look and taste great, but it WORKS! Just so you know…on January 6th Shaklee announced two NEW FLAVORS to our Cinch line. We now have a “Café Latte” flavored meal shake…YUM! And, we’ve added a “Pomegranate” flavored Energy Tea.

We have had SUCH tremendous results with Cinch all over the country! Cinch was featured in the January issue of First for Women Magazine as a premiere Weight Management line. The product line was developed over a 2 year testing period and is the only weight management program that is clinically proven to maintain 100% of your lean muscle mass. This keeps our metabolism up. So when we lose weight and inches it’s ALL body fat and NOT muscle!

On the site there are resources to find Recipes, Meal Plans, Tip and Tools. There is an online course called “Shaklee U” which is INCREDIBLE at teaching us about all sorts of topics including Nutrition, weight management, and Activity & Exercise. It helps establish goals, create activity programs, conduct personal assessments, and much more. There is also an online community board for asking and answering questions, viewing challenges and promotions from the company and individuals, along with different tips and advice. Check it out.

(Name), we are here to personally make sure you are satisfied with Shaklee’s Cinch line. It’s a very COMPLETE program. However, obviously this doesn’t mean there are never problems or questions. Please give us any feedback you have. GOOD OR BAD. The only thing we ask is that you simply be honest. If there is something you are not happy with – please tell us. If the program is working great – please tell us. If you haven’t been consistent – please tell us that too! J

(Name), the other thing I want to ask is if we could add your email address to our distribution list. We won’t overload you with a bunch of junk email or ever give it to anyone else. We would just send an email or two per week that would tell you a bit more about Shaklee, our products (specifically Cinch), and the company philosophy. Would that be OK with you?

Also, there are two sides to Shaklee….one is the incredible products and the other is the incredible business. If you are ever interested in learning how to GET YOUR SHAKLEE PRODUCTS FOR FREE, please let me know. Shaklee has a great way of marketing their products that could help you do anything from earn free products to replace your income working with us from your home. The level of involvement is entirely up to you.

My personal cell number is 701.306.0000 and Carmen’s is 701.306.0100 and our best email address is: lifestyle@cableone.net.

(Name), we wish you the best and look forward to hearing from you soon!

All the best,Shawn and Carmen

Shawn & Carmen Gray

Fargo, ND

Pat Hintze from Shaklee Launches Colors Of Success Training

If you missed my Colors of Success workshop in Nashville, not to worry! If you attended and you wanted a recap, no problem!! IT’S ALL HERE!! My Colors of Success web site is now ready!!

Just go to: www.pathintze.com

CHECK IT OUT! Send some of your friends and family members there as well! It is a great door opener to share the Shaklee vision with them in a non threatening way and learn alittle bit more about them in the process!

I hope you enjoy it!


PS: I am working on a training in the same format for the Gold Ambassador Program as well!! I will keep you posted.


One of the most entertaining and powerful experiences to hit Fargo!!!!

GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!!!!! Pre-order using the form attached!


If you are anywhere near Fargo, ND……GET YOUR TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT NOW!! Please see the attached document for a flyer on the event and a ticket order form. Pre-order your tickets to SAVE MONEY and to ENSURE YOUR SEAT! Seating is limited!

“Life-Changing, Entertaining Truth”


“The Colors of Success”

(Presented by the Fargo Shaklee Team)

Tuesday, November 6th


NDSU Skills & Technology Training Center

1305 19th Ave. N – Fargo, ND

Pat Hintze has literally trained over a million people live (and millions more via multi-media) on personal development, business building, relationships and communication. His entertaining and casual style relates to everyone. Pat’s “Color’s of Success” will keep you laughing while learning why people do the things they do…AND…how to improve your business and personal relationships.

Dave Horsager is one of the top Illusionists and Corporate Trainers in the country and is a National Certified Speaking Professional. Dave’s unique ability to use illusions to illustrate points makes him a crowd favorite. He has spoken on four continents and his client list includes Medtronics, the Minnesota Vikings, Canadian Pacific Railway and Wells Fargo – to name a few.

The evening will begin at 7pm with a Shaklee Opportunity Presentation given by Key Coordinator, Shawn Gray.


50% of the seating sold the first day!!

See you at the event!


Shawn & Carmen Gray

Fargo, ND

Shaklee Minerelles Eyeliner Passes The Safety Test

Hi Kitty,

I just wanted to share an important testimonial with you! Recently, our son, Steve, was home from college and he shared some startling news with me. You remember Steve is a second year pre-med student.

Well, in his Quantitative Analysis class (a high level Chemistry course) they recently conducted a study on various eyeliners. It seems the class conducted various tests on dozens of different brands of eyeliners to determine if any mutations occurred when they came into contact with human DNA. Steve shared with me that he had snuck one of my Shaklee eye pencils into the mix to see how it would fare. He confessed that he took it without my knowledge for fear that if it didn’t do well, he could spare his dear old mom from dieing a hundred deaths over her beloved Shaklee failing the test. Well, he shouldnt have had any fear or worry because the results absolutely shocked his professor!

It ended up that every single eyeliner (except ONE!!) resulted in skin cell mutations.

When I asked Steve to clarify what mutations truly implied, he looked at me squarely in the eye and said, pre-cancer cells, Mom. Well, the professor went absolutely nuts asking the class who had brought in the Shaklee eye pencil. Timidly Steve identified himself as the culprit and the professor said, this is the only sample that not only didnt damage the cells but actually fed the cells and kept the DNA intact. Boy was Steve pleased with himself and our Shaklee!! He very proudly explained that the sample was his Moms from her Shaklee stash. It turns out that the professor was really bowled over because he has conducted this test in class for the past several years and anticipated what the results would be, so needless to say, he was amazed to discover that a product of this quality and caliber actually exists! Pretty cool, eh?

Of course, we know about Shaklees science and unwavering commitment to health and wellness so we arent surprised are we, Kitty? Still, its awesome to learn once again that our Shaklee truly is a gift to our bodies!! It gives me a lot of confidence knowing I can trust the Shaklee science to back up our claims that our products truly are the best on the market!! Thanks, Shaklee!!

Eileen Gale

Hi Bob!

Thanks for writing! The eye pencil study Steve participated in was incredible, wasnt it?? Yes, I know a lot of people want to know specifics. When I asked the professor for permission he was not in favor of sharing his name or the institution being a scientist, hes very cautious about sharing too much without more advanced studies being done. He explained to me that he has conducted that particular experiment in class the past 3 semesters to demo to the students what mutations look like in human DNA cell structures. He was just amazed that our eye pencils did not react the way all the other ones did!! Still he said many more advanced tests would need to take place before any scientific conclusions could be drawn. I’m sure you understand his concerns.

Have a terrific day, Eileen

Dear Mary,

The eyeliner piece has certainly raised a great deal of interest, and requests for clarification. Here is what Eileen Gale wrote back to me. I was quite certain that the professor involved would not choose to have the name of his institution mentioned, but that does not invalidate this direct, first-person report. I think we can be so proud of our products and how they stand up to scrutiny, even if inadvertent.

Best Wishes,